Google announces SEO rankings boost by going https

Google announces SEO rankings boost by going https

Many of Google’s updates centre on the requirement for good quality content and a seamless user experience on websites.

Security is also on the list for the search engine giant and its latest announcement places greater focus on this area.

This morning (7 August) we received an official announcement from Google that SEO will be rewarded if your site is https (the piece of the URL that comes before the www.).

Use this link to test your domain.  When you scan your website address into, it’s scored so you can see how well your site is doing.

We have been using https on our clients’ websites for almost a year now. Earlier this year we saw an improvement in rankings across the sites which were https.

In several places online Google had previously denied giving benefit to secure sites but the webspam team had been saying they ideally would like all sites across the web to be https.

With today’s announcement, we strongly recommend making your site secure with https.  To find out more contact us.