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DMPR is an integrated digital communications agency formed by established firms, Outwrite PR and Sigma Web. Our SEO, social media, PR and direct marketing experts work together under one roof to deliver expert integrated communications. Combining our skills and experience has resulted in powerful and creative marketing and communications strategies that get results for clients.  Is DMPR for you?

  • Do you know how to use your Google Analytics to attract more relevant visitors to your website and influence their decision making while there?
  • Do your SEO technicians liaise with whoever writes your social media postings, and your public relations (PR) people?
  • Do you know how to sell in a strong news story to the mainstream media and then use it effectively in social media and online?

If you don’t: you need DMPR! Online news

Why choose DMPR?

The continual evolution of online news and social media, together with Google’s ever-changing criteria for ranking websites, has revolutionised the marketing landscape.

DMPR’s specialists collaborate to generate unique content, and also have the know-how and contacts to place it where you get most benefit.

Our joined-up approach gives clients economies of scale as we recycle, reword and edit to get your message heard across all platforms at little extra cost.

But, you may think: ‘why not stick with the old ways?’

No longer does it make commercial sense for a firm’s PR and SEO teams to work independently in silos: to get ahead and stay there, collaboration and integration is required.

By sharing PR, social media, website and SEO content and tactics, an organisation makes a much more powerful impact.

This is how DMPR was born.  PR agency Outwrite and digital marketers Sigma Web each employ specialist skills that compliment each other’s services perfectly.

How does DMPR’s formula work?

Now, when our PR writers and content creators achieve media coverage or create a buzz on social media, and get more hits to the client’s website, our online strategists take over and maximise this increase by delivering overall marketing objectives.  They may include more visits to a certain page or product description, to download a brochure, or sign up to the newsletter.

For SEO specialists, partnering with content generators means that, as Google changes its algorithms, online content is well-produced and relevant. All of our work is monitored and measured, so you can be sure of getting value for money for your investment.

Quality not quantity

Buying links from external sites and stuffing copy full of keywords has been banned here at DMPR for some time, as sites using these techniques now drop down the rankings as punishment.  DMPR’s ability to earn coverage online with key influencers results in natural, valuable links, and our qualified writers naturally optimise copy to boost rankings.

DMPR:  the perfect integrated marketing package.

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DMPR builds a Google rocket

DMPR builds a Google rocket

Google is recognising its top 250 search (search engine optimisation, SEO, and pay-per-click, PPC) partners by sending out build-your-own rockets. And DMPR (Digital Marketing & PR) was on that list meaning we got to build a rocket! Here’s a short video of Derek Booth and Aaron Haley assembling it together.     Courtesy of Google Elevator, the rocket now serves as a centrepiece on the DMPR desk. But it’s not all fun and games. Google Partners ensures we are offering the best possible SEO and PPC service to our clients in accordance with Google’s strict guidelines. We navigate Google’s complex criteria for ranking websites, and our SEO and PPC ensures online content stays relevant. On a platform as big as Google it can be tough to stand out, however we ensure traffic is driven to websites using specialist SEO and PPC to get hits up – and provide support if they’re down.   We work to make any business’ digital marketing lift...
A beginner’s guide to social media

A beginner’s guide to social media

Managing multiple social media accounts can be time consuming. This video provides you with the best ways to get your social media working for you.

Tracy North

Tracy North

Position: Managing director

Place of birth: Morecambe

Sum up your history in 10 words: Former senior journalist, now the owner of Outwrite and DMPR

What did you want to be when you grew up? A teacher

First pet: Tabetha Twitchett, a tabby cat acquired during my Beatrix Potter phase

Which food do you dislike the most? Fish. It dislikes me, too

Derek Booth

Derek Booth

Position: Digital director

Place of birth: Wigan

Sum up your history in 10 words: Built websites, moved into online marketing before Google was born

First pet: Budgie called Beaky after Captain Beaky and his band from the 80s

Perfect pizza: Spicy beef, ham, pineapple, mushroom and green pepper on a thin crust

Hobby: Football

Aaron Haley

Aaron Haley

Position: Account executive

Place of birth: Colwyn Bay

Sum up your history in 10 words: Boy from the Bay, love writing, journalism, football and pizza

If I was an animal, I would be: A penguin, the comedy kings of the animal world

What was the last film you cried during?: I don’t cry at films, certainly not films like Toy Story 3

If I had any supernatural power I would: Fly supersonic. It would drastically reduce my commute to work

Sue Ormesher

Sue Ormesher

Position: Account Manager

Place of birth: Wirral

Sum up your history in 10 words: Journalist for 10 years, PR and communications for 15 years

If I was a kitchen utensil I would be: A corkscrew because I love wine

Who would you like to be tied to for 24 hours?: Morrissey.  Hopefully he would sing to me

What was the last movie you cried during? Marley and Me

Anthony Bullick

Anthony Bullick

Position: Account executive

Place of birth: Nottingham

Sum up your history in 10 words: Failed footballer aged 9, journalism graduate aged 21, now here

First car: Silver Peugeot 206 called Polly

Biggest fear: Spiders

Childhood aspirations: To be a professional footballer for Nottingham Forest

David Brundell

David Brundell

Position: Website developer

Place of birth: Liverpool

Sum up your history in 10 words: Born, school, college, work, married, then children – in that order

First car: MG Metro, it’s not the best car I have ever bought

Time travel destination: About 10 minutes before the EuroMillions rollover jackpot draw closes – provided I can take the winning numbers with me!

Hobby: Fixing things, according to my youngest son

Emma Cookson

Emma Cookson

Position: Social media executive

Place of birth: Liverpool

Sum up your history in 10 words: Creative writing graduate, lover of literature, deliver social media campaigns

First pet: A cat called Cuffy. The name is a mix of Coffee and Fluffy

Biggest fear: Lifts, or if Americans are reading this, elevators

If I had any supernatural power I would: read minds, starting with Stephen Fry or Stephen Hawking

Adrienne Jones

Adrienne Jones

Project manager

Place of birth: Wrexham

Sum up your history in 10 words: Challenging people to do things better, and on time too

If I was an animal I would be: A horse because they are powerful yet graceful

First pet: A black cat called Sammy. She was beautiful

Which food do you dislike the most? Beetroot

Lisa Appleby

Lisa Appleby

Position: PR Administrator

Place of birth: St Asaph

Sum up your history in 10 words: School, college, worked in the family business, decided to leave

Favourite colour: Green

What would you invent?: Zero calorie milk chocolate

Time travel destination: The roaring 20s in New York City

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