DMPR builds a Google rocket

DMPR builds a Google rocket

Google is recognising its top 250 search (search engine optimisation, SEO, and pay-per-click, PPC) partners by sending out build-your-own rockets.

And DMPR (Digital Marketing & PR) was on that list meaning we got to build a rocket! Here’s a short video of Derek Booth and Aaron Haley assembling it together.



Courtesy of Google Elevator, the rocket now serves as a centrepiece on the DMPR desk.

But it’s not all fun and games. Google Partners ensures we are offering the best possible SEO and PPC service to our clients in accordance with Google’s strict guidelines.

We navigate Google’s complex criteria for ranking websites, and our SEO and PPC ensures online content stays relevant.

On a platform as big as Google it can be tough to stand out, however we ensure traffic is driven to websites using specialist SEO and PPC to get hits up – and provide support if they’re down.


We work to make any business’ digital marketing lift off.