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Negativity can strike your brand off- and online. We have the communications tools to guide you through it.


What would you do if a disgruntled customer started a Facebook campaign against you?  If negative websites appear on page one of search results for your brand, how would you replace those with positive or neutral sites?  If a journalist asks for the managing director’s comment on a negative issue, how would you tackle it?

DMPR’s communications specialists have decades of experience in brand protection.

We work off- and online to limit the damage to your brand and reputation when the unexpected happens, as well as working to build and maintain your brand and reputation long-term.  We’ll also devise a crisis communications plan and swing into action the minute anything starts.

As trained journalists, we’re used to getting to grips immediately with an unfamiliar subject and quickly pulling together the facts. Having covered crises as reporters, we understand exactly how journalists will behave and apply our experience and know-how to limit damage or kill an issue before it goes public.

For retained clients, we draw up and maintain crisis communications strategies.  Maintenance includes updating holding statements, media training of company spokesmen and participation in incident simulation exercises with the emergency services.

We have liaised with the media at 3am during a major fire at a client’s premises, resulting in the company’s side being given during the initial reporting of the incident.

We have also negotiated the cancellation of a negative package about a client on a flagship network TV current affairs programme.  In addition we have dealt with national and regional media to minimise or nullify what would have been bad publicity.

Online, we have successfully removed negative websites, posts and news articles from the first page of Google and dealt with Twitter trolls, Facebook groups and forums to minimise or completely remove an issue that threatened to develop further.

Crisis communications means talking to all stakeholders and we know how to liaise appropriately and efficiently with them all.  From customers and the media, to politicians, employees and the general public, we make sure your messages are communicated effectively.

Our core team of salaried employees can be supplemented with a number of long-term retained associates in the event of a major crisis.  We operate a 24/7 on-call service for some of our clients.

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“We were attracting one-sided coverage both regionally and nationally, much of which was unfair and inaccurate. Outwrite worked quickly and professionally to stop some potential bad publicity and mitigate negative coverage that was already out there.”

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