What do we do?

We create a buzz around your business and its products or services.

Why build a reputation?

Why bother developing your brand?

Because people trust respectable brands. They are more likely to buy from you if they have heard of you and are already aware of your good reputation. It will help you grow sales and profits.

In today’s world of 24/7 communications, everyone is exposed to thousands of messages daily. The team at DMPR has an enviable track record of cutting through the noise successfully to place organisations directly in front of their target audiences.

Individually, services such as public relations (PR), search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), e-marketing, and website design and build will make a positive improvement on your brand’s reputation.

However, savvy firms that combine and apply them as part of an integrated campaign get much better results and return on investment.

Strategic integrated communications is exactly what DMPR offers.


Social media sitesPR and social media

Our PR team regularly earns powerful media coverage in print, broadcast and online, as well as creating engagement online with social media.

Hits include in the Times, on BBC News at Ten, BBC Radio 5Live and the-tls.co.uk. We have also placed articles in regional and business media across the UK and niche publications such as reNews, Fine Food Digest and gp-online.co.uk.

This not only drives traffic to the client’s website, but boosts SEO by attracting natural links from valuable and influential third party sources.


SEO keyboardSearch marketing

Our SEO successes include increasing relevant website traffic, improving the conversion rate, and replacing negative websites on page one of Google with positive or neutral sites for brand-related searches.

Our PPC approach means that you have low a cost-per-click (CPC) and a high conversion rate.

All data gathered, such as keywords and customer information including location, is fed into the PR and social media team to ensure your brand’s messaging is consistent with your customers’ expectations.


Web design and buildWebsite design and build

As your profile is raised off- and online, when SEO and PPC start driving additional relevant traffic to your site, we make sure your business is capitalising on this wave of activity.

Both design and build also affects your SEO. Build a website that isn’t user friendly, or is built incorrectly, and any SEO poured into your site is wasted as Google will be reluctant to direct traffic to your site.

Our design for your site will not only look appealing, but also guide visitors through to the pages you want them to read, whether that be for a particular product or service, the contact us page, or to download a brochure.


The bottom line

DMPR’s experts will grow your brand’s profile and reputation among your stakeholders. This will help to bring in sales enquiries and recruit new brand advocates.

Existence of an established brand and good reputation can also help you mitigate damage in a crisis.

DMPR’s crisis communications specialists have decades of experience in being called in to limit the damage when the unexpected happens. Check out our issues and crisis communications service for more details.

We don’t operate in silos. And if you have any of the elements in-house, that’s fine; we will work in collaboration to ensure integration remains at the heart of your marketing.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help you.

DMPR builds a Google rocket

DMPR builds a Google rocket

Google is recognising its top 250 search (search engine optimisation, SEO, and pay-per-click, PPC) partners by sending out build-your-own rockets. And DMPR (Digital Marketing & PR) was on that list meaning we got to build a rocket! Here’s a short video of Derek Booth and Aaron Haley assembling it together.     Courtesy of Google Elevator, the rocket now serves as a centrepiece on the DMPR desk. But it’s not all fun and games. Google Partners ensures we are offering the best possible SEO and PPC service to our clients in accordance with Google’s strict guidelines. We navigate Google’s complex criteria for ranking websites, and our SEO and PPC ensures online content stays relevant. On a platform as big as Google it can be tough to stand out, however we ensure traffic is driven to websites using specialist SEO and PPC to get hits up – and provide support if they’re down.   We work to make any business’ digital marketing lift...
A beginner’s guide to social media

A beginner’s guide to social media

Managing multiple social media accounts can be time consuming. This video provides you with the best ways to get your social media working for you.

“Topwood has experienced a clear difference in sales as a result of merging all of its marketing disciplines. I wish I had worked this way from the beginning.”

Tom Gilruth

Director, Topwood Ltd

Crisis PR

Crisis communications

We are experienced in issues and crisis management.

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