What is content marketing and how can it help my business?

What is content marketing and how can it help my business?

Content marketing is creating and/or sharing content with your customers, to build knowledge and credibility so that they buy from you. The idea is to communicate with them, not make a hard sell.

All of your current marketing techniques such as SEO (search engine optimisation), PR and social media, should be carried out with content marketing in mind.

Consumers today are more sophisticated and have higher expectations of the products and services they buy.

Many don’t like to be sold to in an overt manner and are increasingly switching off the traditional marketing methods: they fast forward through TV advertising, may look more critically at newspaper and magazine ads, and the ability to naturally block out banners on websites means they can choose to focus solely on the content.

Content is at the heart of everything: so long as it is of high quality, genuinely i
nformative and engaging to the audience.  Apply the ‘what’s in it for me’ question to your target audience:  if they don’t find the information they are looking for, they’ll quickly click to another site to search for it.

Follow these five tips for a successful content marketing campaign:

Develop a strategy

Don’t just dip your toe in the water. Devise a strategy with aims and objectives. Most importantly, think about your audience – or target customers – at every step.

Research what they’re looking for

Your audience will have questions that relate to products or services you offer. Find out what these are and work the answers into the content you create. People are more likely to buy from you if they view you as an industry or product expert or leader.

Find out where they are

It wastes time and money to talk about your knowledge and expertise if it is shared with the wrong audiences. Review where yours are. Are they on any of the social media channels or do they visit forums? Which magazines, newspapers and websites do they typically read? What search terms are they putting into Google?

Get creative

People digest information in different ways. Content marketing allows you to be creative with the way you deliver relevant and valuable information. Check out our three-part blog series on the types of content to use.

Analyse and evaluate

Thorough analysis and evaluation highlights what type of content is working for you and whether anything needs to be altered. Monitor anything your audience can take action on, such as retweets, likes, +1s and shares.

Well set-up Google Analytics can be invaluable to identify popular pages and how else customers prefer to engage with your website.