Plan ahead to reap the rewards of your social media activity

Plan ahead to reap the rewards of your social media activity

Brands were quick to sink their teeth into the Luis Suarez biting incident at the World Cup, with mocking images and posts from companies flooding social media seeking to piggyback on the resulting hysteria.

Snickers was one of the first to react following Suarez’s bite on Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini.  Its graphic had the words ‘more satisfying than Italian’ accompanying a picture of the inside of one of its chocolate bars.

This activity of producing and placing content relevant to a current and topical event is known as real-time marketing.   Big budgets allow the likes of Snickers to have graphic designers and witty social media personnel on standby to earn bucket loads of engagement and widespread coverage and admiration.

When such a scenario is not an option for SMEs, how can they garner the same love and attention from their social fans and the traditional media?

By producing a communications (comms) calendar and being pro-active.

Within your business and industry there will be a number of events, dates and planned activity that provides opportunities to place your brand in front of your target audience.

What national days and weeks are relevant to your company?  If you employ apprentices, National Apprenticeship Week is in March every year.  Review what other firms carried out in previous years to promote themselves during the week.

Will you be attending exhibitions?  Prepare social media content in advance, ensuring that the exhibition’s hashtag and Twitter handle is included.  If your stand will have something unique to attract passers-by, create a buzz online by announcing and sharing it.

Do you know of impending company announcements or stories such as a politician’s visit or new contract win? Research relevant social media accounts and speak to the personnel in charge of them beforehand: ask them to share your content.

One of the most important actions with your comms calendar is to share it internally.  A fully integrated marketing set-up allows for greater impact and ROI (return on investment).  Your online marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation) team will devour information such as your plans around an exhibition or event, and their subsequent activity will positively affect your social media campaign.


DMPR’s Anthony Bullick is a columnist in the Daily Post.  This column was published by the newspaper on 2 July, 2014.